The suitcase market is changing. Suitcases are becoming more of a fashionable travel accessory, with contemporary colors, trendy designs and innovative materials increasingly becoming the standard. According to the founder and managing director of SUITSUIT, Emile Vijlbrief, women are the main driving force behind these changes.

“A few years ago I read an article in the Harvard Business Review, titled ’Women drive the future world economy’,” Emile explains. He cites from the article: “Directly or indirectly, women control over 25 billion dollars’ worth of consumptive expenditure worldwide, per year. Today, women represent a growth market that is larger than the markets of China and India combined. If you let such figures sink in, then it would be foolish to underestimate or even ignore the female consumer — to put it mildly. And yet that’s still what’s happening in many markets, including the suitcase market”, says Vijlbrief.

Vijlbrief continues: “The suitcase market is still a male-dominated market, as evidenced especially by the design and functionality of suitcases. For let’s be honest: most suitcases on the market are anonymous boxes on wheels. Once in a while you’ll see one in a trendy color or decorated with a half-inspired image, but overall they are dull and drab and with very standard functionalities. And consumers are tired of them, especially women.

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