Founded in 1952 by Mario Briccola, BRIC’S Milano creates and manufactures hand-crafted travel bags and leather goods for sixty-six years.

  1. Located in the beautiful region of Lake Como, in Northern Italy, today BRIC’S remains a family owned and run business, managed by Mario’s sons, daughters and grandchildren.
  2. The values ​​of the family, the attention to detail and the quality that Mario originally conceived are still today the fundamental pillars on which the Briccola family bases the company.
  3. BRIC’S becomes a global brand with core values ​​of quality, elegance, innovation, style, function, fashion, aesthetics and durability.
  4. The family name becomes world famous and BRIC’S achieves the status of a leading brand in luxury travel items.
  5. Hollywood A-listers, New York influencers, stylists, and business executives are looking for the craftsmanship of BRIC’S.
  6. Timeless design, exemplary craftsmanship and transported into a new century. BRIC’S continues the family tradition, which began more than six decades ago.
  7. BRIC’S – Italian Travel Bags since 1952, Bric’s celebrates 65 years of travel with style. Strong values, new horizons
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