Why July

We exist to bring better design and thinking around how we travel. To elevate your travel standard from product-buying to being augmented around the experience of considered design and service.

Simply put, July is here to ensure you can focus on the parts of travelling you love. 


As a category, the travel accessories industry is broken; it’s often make it as cheap as possible, using a plethora of retailers and distributors to sell, and ignore all connection with the customer. This results in over-priced goods sold with a short product lifespan.

We’re here to fix this.


We read over 4,000 reviews of existing cases and began designing around fixing what was wrong; we needed better reinforcement of corners and bends, a better business model around trials and warranty, and more considered features for travel.

The result is what you see today.


We designed a new wheel and handle housing so we could create a unique eggshell shape around the corners. This additional curvature innovation was designed to create more bounce back on hard knocks at the polycarbonate’s weakest points: its bends and corners. We then worked to reinforce the case with custom anodised aluminium bumpers for added protection.

We even created our own scratch-proof texture on a sophisticated yet minimalist shell that’s a fresh look in a market full of unnecessary frills.

Ultimately our model is to democratise unbreakable and lifelong design.

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