Inspired by great pioneers and expedition leaders, Lewis N. Clark was born out of the desire to represent the resourcefulness and courage found in travelers and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. Our designs focus on making any trip more organized, secure, comfortable, and convenient. 

Created in 1990 under the parent company LCI Brands, some of Lewis N. Clark’s first offerings included luggage caddies, luggage trollies, and packing totes. 

Since then, it has expanded to offer hundreds of thoughtful, inventive items across the spectrum, including collections of packing cubes, comfort accessories such as neck pillows and eye masks, security products like locks and RFID wallets, outdoor gear such as umbrellas and dry bags, and much more. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to pass through airport security hassle-free, a way to protect your personal information from RFID signals, or a way to make your favorite camping spot more enjoyable, we supply gear for every kind of traveler and outdoorsperson.

We continue to improve our designs with our customers’ input and ensure that the latest trends are reflected in our new items. In 2017, customers can look forward to even more products to complement those they already know and love. 

Create memorable travel and outdoor experiences every day with Lewis N. Clark.

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