RAWROW creates Tripwear for people who explore everyday life.Our trip starts the minute you step out of the door.We believe every activity can be a trip, like picnics, camping, traveling and even commuting.We make lively tripwear products especially for movement and storage, and guarantee them for life because we care for what we’ve created.We do lively projects to help people spend a carefree and wacky day.If you felt lively, spent the day like it’s your last, then our work is done.

R BAG since 2012
Being true to its essential roles, this became the basis for our Tripwear.We offer timeless designs for movement and storage, with durable quality.
R SHOE since 2015
Shoes should act as protection for the feet.It’s airy, comfortable, and light thanks to hundreds of micro-punching.
R EYE since 2016
Eyewear originally belongs in the medical area and should be comfortable for the wearer.Eyewear that is flexible, durable and weighs no more than a nickel. Made with beta titanium, one of the best materials eyeglass frames can be.
R TRUNK since 2018
The ultimate way to carry, move, and store tripwear.TT HANDLE™ is our alternation of the long-established trolley handle, which got us noticed by design experts of the world and won us the iF Design.


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