Why Shupatto was born: “It’s bothersome to have an eco bag” Such a voice is the catalyst for development. 

With such a voice, “making bags easy to fold” started. Although it is always used, the inconvenience is bothersome, and it is not used gradually. I wanted to make a bag that could solve such dissatisfaction.

When I was looking at people who use eco bags, I noticed that I was folding while searching the folds on the bags. Therefore, I thought that it might be possible to achieve ease of folding by giving pleating to the fabric from the beginning and make a firm crease. And in a fabric that can be easily pleated, the strength of being able to be used for a long time, the thickness to be compact, the thickness of ease to hold, etc. was trial and error. While repeating the trial production, using each and every bag, we adopted the best fabric.

The future of Shupatto: I want to reduce the number of things that are hard to fold.

We believe that if you can easily fold things that are difficult to fold, you can reduce a little stress and make every day happy.

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