Stratic stands for special ideas in the travel luggage market. The brand name “Stratic” derives from “stratosphere” and thus suggests a feeling of floating away and rising. This is illustrated in concrete terms with our identification symbol, the Stratic hot air balloon. First and foremost, our products are characterized by their lightness. But we do not compromise on function, quality and design details – on the contrary.

Founded in 1946, Stratic is now run by the third generation. In our corporate headquarters near Frankfurt am Main, the products are developed in our design and development department in cooperation with our suppliers. To make an idea ready for the market, every product is first drawn to scale and designed. It is then assembled and tested for the first time as a prototype. This repeats itself in several loops until all material components fit together perfectly and all requirements are met from the user’s point of view. So we still make our prototypes ourselves and do not rely on third-party drawings or samples to release products for production in the Stratic production facilities. Our production facilities are located in Europe and China. 500 people are currently employed in the production of our products.

Our experience and know-how enable us not only to develop innovative suitcases, but also to produce them in Germany. We are the only soft luggage supplier to offer such cases Made-in-Germany in mass production in this country.

Several of our own design patents underpin our claim to offer innovative products. Internationally renowned design awards attest to the creative potential of our hotel.

Continuity in development and production means that Stratic products are now available not only in many European countries, but also in the Near and Far East.

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